Cal3D model and script

This is the cal3d export script, worked on by a number of people, with some changes, among them a part to make animation files only use bones that have a keyframe.
The human model is rigged with jointed fingers, eyelids, etc. and may be used to make derived works or test the script. (The file is blender format.)

Script tested with blender 2.41 and cal3d 0.10.0

cal3d blend file

(zipped, about 760k)


New Script Version (for blender2.24a):



UV Animation Kit

This is a script that script that does 2 things. It takes multiple images such as animation frames and puts them into rows, and it generates a crystal space sprite2D animation file to use with them. These can be used for 2d sprites and animated textures and probably other things.

This is a PHP script and is intended to be used in a browser but can be modified easily.

UV animation kit

(zipped, about 5k)


An alternative for making the xml sprite2d file is this c++ console program.

UV animation c++ source

(zipped, about 128k)



blend style bmfont

A set of classes, and example program, for crystal space, letting you use bitmap fonts. For example you could write embossed street names on all the street signs in a game.

blendstylebmfont page