NEW: New Demo / Work in progress game released.

This version has many enemies/troops, levels and maps, effects, shaders with normal maps etc.
Size: 67 MB
for Windows ME/XP/VISTA/7

Screenshots of the characters and funny effects and enviroments: Warborn Images


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Warborn Images

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Game engines for game development, programming resources, and tutorials.

The Crystal Space game engine or SDK, Software Development Kit, tutorials, games, additional programs and add-ons. Crystal Space is completely free and open source.
Blender is a 3D modeling and animation application, combine 3d animation, effects, and more to create complete 3D features. Blender also currently has a fully featured built in game engine. Free and open source.
A free Game Engine / SDK that implements quake models and maps. Open source and not GPL.

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News Log:

New News Now Host
by Bookeater on 06.12.2010

Moving hosting to this in a few weeks or maybe a month or two:
Fortunelight Web Hosting
this is a small business web host.

I uploaded the latest version of "Faded Earth : Warborn" which has lots of models and maps and lots of things the previous release didn't. Don't expect a story or campaign mode just yet, but it is coming.

After leaving it messed up for a while, I'm Finally working on this website again, rejoice, rattones! More to come soon.
New Sprites
by Bookeater on 01.21.2005

New images in of sprites from the game. I think the animation came out decent, the earlier ones don't really have shadows or anything though. Game Sprites Gallery

Faded Earth - the Physics and Animation stage : I have run into trouble every I've gone in the programming world in the past month or two.

If you can detect collisions you can stop your sprite before it collides, but how to make it react properly at an angle, sliding along a wall or reflecting off based on the wall's angle?
Faded Earth new images
by Bookeater on 11.12.2004

Currently in progress setting up image pages on Blender and Crystal space sections. Blender really is an amazing program, my "Coldfire Beast" really shows a few of the subtle features of shadows and glass reflections. Gotta` love raytracing.

Old Development Pages:
Faded CD
Faded Dawn
Blender - Getting Started